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Reksadana Pendapatan Tetap


NoProdukRp% 1yr% 3yr% 5yr% YTDRankLast Updatesort icon
1FWD Asia Fixed Income Fund 1.1737,304,543,30672020-07-29
2Sun Life Financial Indonesia - Brilliance Conservative 3.6706,594,436,392,33802020-07-30
3Sequislife - Rupiah Stable Fund 1.3778,486,037,623,40622020-07-30
4Haji Syariah 3.7116,816,967,904,09572020-07-30
5ITB - Niaga 2.9577,094,335,892,98752020-07-30
6Sun Life Financial Indonesia - Brilliance Xtra Prima 2.55610,085,646,525,18362020-07-30
7Mega Dana Obligasi Republik Indonesia 1.474-30,07-6,18-1,74-21,011082020-07-30
8Danamas Stabil 3.7569,107,667,446,00232020-07-30
9Sun Life Financial Indonesia - Brilliance USD Managed Fund 39,305,785,156,13332020-07-30
10Ava Fixed Income Dollar Fund 15,453,713,014,50692020-07-30
11RHB Fixed Income Fund 2 1.27911,426,804,88242020-08-03
12Eastspring Investments Yield Discovery Fund 1.5929,816,297,854,22462020-08-03
13Batavia Dana Obligasi Plus 1.58310,706,318,744,18392020-08-03
14Mandiri Investa Obligasi Selaras 1.58711,757,769,505,26182020-08-03
15SAM Sukuk Syariah Berkembang 1.35012,128,757,515,6242020-08-03
16Syailendra Liberty Fund 15,983,453,584,20712020-08-03
17Insight Scholarship Fund 1.2320,921,733,711,02962020-08-03
18Schroder Dana Obligasi Mantap 1.7409,546,748,504,30442020-08-03
19Mega Asset Mantap 1.7616,784,287,762,46812020-08-03
20TRAM Pendapatan Tetap USD Fund 18,803,413,596,25502020-08-03
21TRAM Strategic Plus Fund 1.6509,685,437,813,79612020-08-03
22Insight Government Fund I-Govt 1.2453,454,701,78852020-08-03
23TRIM Dana Tetap 2 2.5687,386,017,502,31662020-08-03
24SIMAS PENDAPATAN PRIMA 1.14213,312,596,12292020-08-03
25Reksa Dana Syariah Manulife Syariah Sukuk Indonesia 1.1003,072,680,50912020-08-03
26Insight Renewable Energy Fund 1.7758,716,698,495,11402020-08-03
27Pinnacle Indonesia Bond Fund 1.30510,276,244,69342020-08-03
28Kresna Olympus 1.9791,740,22-0,02-0,011032020-08-03
29Aberdeen Indonesia Government Bond Fund 2.08910,566,288,064,77312020-08-03
30Avrist Sukuk Income Fund 1.0364,031,952,79882020-08-03
31Mandiri Investa Dana Syariah 3.7166,364,495,542,96782020-08-03
32Premier Obligasi 1.0920,66-0,310,64-0,221062020-08-03
33GAP Fixed Income Fund II 1.5057,165,175,013,54642020-08-03
34Eastspring Investments IDR High Grade 1.4269,665,707,674,09532020-08-03
35Maybank Dana Kencana 1.5830,99-1,440,071,351052020-08-03
36Cipta Bond 1.51913,157,595,275,99102020-08-03
37HPAM Government Bond 1.3119,484,482020-08-03
38Mandiri Investa Dana Pendapatan Optimal Seri 2 1.0951,550,612020-08-03
39Insight Amanah Pendapatan Tetap Syariah I-Amanah 1.28812,246,622020-08-03
40Sequis Pendapatan Mantap 1.0592,802,232020-08-03
41Reksa Dana Mandiri Obligasi Optima 1.56712,056,072020-08-03
42Majoris Sukuk Negara Indonesia 1.1657,132,542020-08-03
43Danareksa Proteksi 48 1.0603,362,632020-08-03
44Ashmore Dana Obligasi Unggulan Nusantara 1.0794,302,042020-08-03
45Sequis Pendapatan Tetap 1.25813,666,972020-08-03
46Reksa Dana Mandiri Obligasi Utama 2 1.1818,954,985,00512020-08-03
47RHB Indo Fixed Income Fund 1.1658,404,482020-08-03
48SAM Dana Obligasi 1.37411,045,772020-08-03
49Sequis Pendapatan Stabil 1.45010,255,442020-08-03
50Kiwoom Indonesia Bond Plus Fund 1.1839,694,362020-08-03
51Reksa Dana Syariah EastSpring Syariah Fixed Income Amanah 1.2259,474,822020-08-03
52SIMAS PENDAPATAN TETAP ABDI UTAMA 1.3839,374,682020-08-03
53Mandiri Obligasi Utama 1.40811,749,097,205,3992020-08-03
54Syailendra Fixed Income Fund 2.15210,257,167,944,37282020-08-03
55Net Dana Gemilang 2.3688,618,308,744,84272020-08-03
56Pacific Fixed Fund 1.2916,111,701,143,18842020-08-03
57PNM Dana Bertumbuh 1.5477,064,256,303,56722020-08-03
58CIMB-Principal Prime Income Fund 1.67811,168,268,995,48142020-08-03
59Sequislife - USD Stable Fund 2045,864,003,583,99762020-08-03
60Danareksa Melati Pendapatan Utama Syariah 1.49011,278,884,82172020-08-03
61Bahana MES Syariah Fund 1.2728,236,523,68592020-08-03
62Reksa Dana Lautandhana Maxima Income Fund 1.24710,405,972020-08-03
63Panin IDX-30 719-20,24-22,182020-08-03
64RHB TM Indo Bond Fund 1.1588,984,932020-08-03
65Mandiri Pendapatan Tetap Obligasi Negara 1.0410,770,162020-08-03
66Syailendra Providentia Fixed Income Fund 1.1879,564,342020-08-03
67Simas Income Fund 2.696-0,838,539,800,38702020-08-03
68Reksa Dana Mandiri Obligasi Optima II 1.1724,13-0,542020-08-03
69Manulife Obligasi Negara Indonesia II 2.44411,947,548,925,96132020-08-03
70Manulife Obligasi Unggulan 3.09811,657,919,418,2832020-08-03
71Majoris Obligasi Utama Indonesia 1.3589,485,584,18552020-08-03
72Mandiri Investa Dana Pendapatan Optimal 2.2212,40-0,060,850,52992020-08-03
73Mandiri Investa Dana Dollar Mandiri 25,562,782,864,11792020-08-03
74Mandiri Investa Dana Obligasi Seri II 1.3329,905,506,934,03542020-08-03
75Manulife Pendapatan Bulanan II 1.1482,841,391,741,30932020-08-03
76Manulife Dana Tetap Pemerintah 2.46112,897,528,556,7182020-08-03
77Mandiri Investa Dana Utama 2.4044,272,855,471,83872020-08-03
78Schroder Dana Obligasi Utama 1.39111,437,615,30192020-08-03
79Mega Asset Mantap Plus 1.4169,96-1,053,885,73562020-08-03
80Mega Dana Ori Dua 2.42614,718,5710,698,8212020-08-03
81Mega Dana Obligasi Dua 2.1569,956,267,055,86262020-08-03
82Lautandhana Fixed Income 2.5295,721,536,073,88822020-08-03
83Prestasi Alokasi Portfolio Investasi 4.4038,757,447,924,72382020-08-03
84MRS Bond Kresna 2.8479,128,2510,073,33472020-08-03
85CIMB-Principal Strategic USD Fixed Income Fund 15,042,824,363,31832020-08-03
86Batavia Dana Obligasi Andalan 1.74412,057,929,715,38122020-08-03
87MNC Dana Syariah 2.688-8,030,803,893,04942020-08-03
88Reksa Dana Makara Prima 2.7657,274,106,024,17652020-08-03
89Bahana Investasi Prima 1.79810,877,647,884,74222020-08-03
90Bahana Prime Income Fund 1.68913,088,1310,605,8162020-08-03
91Bahana TCW Pendapatan Tetap Utama 2.5613,45-0,800,501,42952020-08-03
92Panin Dana Pendapatan Berkala 1.0652,790,310,031002020-08-03
93Sequis Bond Optima 1.2859,216,994,65422020-08-03
94BNP Paribas Prima II 2.5889,805,657,244,34492020-08-03
95Sucorinvest Bond Fund 1.34511,756,264,33302020-08-03
96BNP Paribas Kapital VI 1.1522,04-0,470,771,271012020-08-03
97Maybank Dana Pasti 2 2.6859,816,337,634,63352020-08-03
98Mega Dana Obligasi Syariah 1.7693,091,482,24-1,43972020-08-03
99Mega Dana Pendapatan Tetap 1.35712,337,839,777,4222020-08-03
100Panin Dana Utama Plus 2 2.6539,275,987,193,86582020-08-03
101Eastspring IDR Fixed Income Fund 1.43310,266,588,524,63322020-08-03
102Dana Obligasi Stabil 5.05210,227,819,725,39202020-08-03
103SAM Sukuk Syariah Sejahtera 2.22610,908,168,705,57152020-08-03
104Schroder Dana Andalan II 1.0911,500,880,950,68982020-08-03
105Schroder Prestasi Gebyar Indonesia II 2.7609,776,127,883,95522020-08-03
106Schroder IDR Bond Fund II 1.4312,49-0,380,910,411022020-08-03
107Schroder IDR Bond Fund III 1.0521,52-0,170,301042020-08-03
108Schroder Dana Mantap Plus II 2.81810,156,047,664,29452020-08-03
109Schroder USD Bond Fund 26,294,523,694,32632020-08-03
110Danamas Dollar 22,842,722,891,69902020-08-03
111Sinarmas Danamas Pasti 3.8198,127,006,695,06412020-08-03
112Simas Danamas Instrument Negara 2.32012,197,718,516,5072020-08-03
113Prospera Obligasi Plus 3.9330,254,606,57-2,05922020-08-03
114Prospera Obligasi 3.9958,656,887,654,57482020-08-03
115Premier Fixed Income Syariah 1.26511,648,326,565,61112020-08-03
116Mega Dana RIDO TIGA 2.69714,047,127,047,0452020-08-03
117MNC Dana Dollar 19,638,776,116,47162020-08-03
118Reksa Dana Insight Infra Development I-Infra 1.110-5,53-0,55-3,331072020-08-03
119Nikko Indonesia Bond Fund/Indonesia 1.6516,115,967,282,96682020-08-03
120Nikko Gebyar Indonesia Dua 2.3057,024,775,852,86742020-08-03
121Nikko Indah Nusantara Dua 2.5703,184,326,83-1,32892020-08-03
122Nikko Tron Dua 2.3575,865,146,642,90772020-08-03
123Mandiri Pendapatan Tetap Indonesia Sehat 1.29810,597,024,89252020-08-03
124CIMB-Principal Total Return Bond Fund/Indonesia 2.6006,155,675,612,72732020-08-03
125Aberdeen Indonesia Bond Fund 2.3507,856,257,214,01602020-08-03
126Panin Gebyar Indonesia II 2.36610,825,597,104,73372020-08-03
127PNM Amanah Syariah 2.3299,264,524,166,51432020-08-03
128Schroder Investa Obligasi 1.1825,412,942,51862020-08-03
129Simas Danamas Mantap Plus 2.8869,237,817,556,09212020-08-03

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